Yellow Sarees officer gets highest search in Himachal

During the 5th stage voting, the photo of a yellow sari woman was viral; her name was Rina Dwivedi, initially she was described as Miss Jaipur Nalini Singh.
According to the data on Google Trends, people find Google’s Riya Dwivedi social media account and its Ticket Account
People abroad found Rina Dwivedi in the name of Nalini Singh, while Rina Dwivedi was the most searched in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Gadget desk During the 5th phase of the Lok Sabha elections, the photo of a female poling officer with yellow sari was viral on social media. This woman’s name is Rina Dwivedi and she works in PWD department in Lucknow. Reena’s duty was located at Nagaram booth No. 173, 40 km from Lucknow.

In some media reports, Rina was named as Nalini Singh and it was claimed that she had been Miss Jaipur. After this, this yellow sari woman was searched on Google by both names like Rina Dwivedi and Nalini Singh. When the Dainik Bhaskar Plus app saw the results of Google Trends, it was found that even if the duty of a yellow sari woman was tied to Lucknow, the highest search was done in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Reena’s duty in Lucknow, but highest in Himachal

The 5th phase was voted on May 6 and after that the name of the yellow sari woman was being named Nalini Singh. Because of this, people on Google first searched the name of Nalini Singh. However, after the correct name was recovered, it was only after the name of Rina Dwivedi, but Google is still searching on the name of Nalini Singh. According to Google Trends data, Reena has got average 24 points, while Nalini got 13 points.
Reena’s duty was to Lucknow, but most of the people of Himachal Pradesh searched on Google. According to Google Trends, Reena’s search in Himachal Pradesh is 100%. After this, 100% in Chandigarh and Jammu and Kashmir. At the same time, people in Karnataka, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand searched more than the name of Nalini Singh.

Serving abroad under the name of Nalini Singh, in the name of Rina Dwivedi in Saudi Arabia
According to Worldwide data on Google Trends, Reena Dwivedi and Nalini Singh were also searched abroad. The woman with yellow sari was searched on Google in the name of Nalini Singh in countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Hungary, New Zealand, Germany, Austria, Australia, South Africa, Switzerland, Singapore, Chile, Spain, Philippines, Malaysia, Poland. . Here is 100% search by name of Nalini Singh. Whereas, the names of Rina Dwivedi were searched in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, India, America, Canada and the UK. Of these, Reena Dwivedi’s search of Qatar and Saudi Arabia is 100%.

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