Quarter of the world’s population is now living under some form of lockdown due to coronavirus

Quarter of the world’s population is now living under some form of lockdown due to coronavirus
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A quarter of the world’s population is now living under some form of lockdown due to coronavirus. More than 3 billion people in almost 70 countries and territories have been asked to stay at home, there are now more than 450,000 recorded cases of the virus globally. But we know that testing is not readily available in many places, so that number is likely to be much higher so let’s take a look at the situation across the globe.

Let’s focus on Spain which has now recorded more coronavirus deaths than China 738 people have died in just the past day.  It takes the country’s death toll to more than 3400 close to 50,000 people and now ill with this virus in Spain. There are so many now arriving at Spanish hospitals every day and more than 5,000 medical staff have fallen sick too. So the Spanish government has asked the EU for protective equipment for its medical workers. But worrying for

Spain today going across to Italy where that figure is still you know the highest anywhere in terms of the death toll in the world 70 thousand cases 7,000 deaths. Giuseppe Conte the Prime Minister they’re saying that they will look to increase now the penalties of people violating the strict lockdown they’re up to 4,000 Euros and if you are in quarantine and you, therefore, breach that quarantine you’re looking at a possible five-year jail sentence so that’s the severity that Italy is taking it now.

Now India is on its first day of a three-week nationwide lockdown and this is an image from Jammu state this is police officers who have told people to crouch inside a marked circle in order to maintain a social distancing width between them. After these allegedly broke a rule prohibiting gatherings of more than three people. Now the country has also seen a sharp increase in cases. The country observes a complete lockdown only those doing the most essential jobs allowed on the streets.

Prime Minister Modi has enforced a lockdown it’s the only way forward these are unprecedented scenes in a country of 1.3 billion people unimaginable before this crisis many observers say that only a politician like Narendra Modi could take and implement such a drastic step. India has tested fewer people than most other countries. The virus is already likely to have spread in far greater number than officially recognized for the world’s second-most populous country disaster could still be ahead. so as people have to stay at home.

Vladimir Putin and the president of Russia have announced next week will be a non-working week in Russia except for key services he’s also postponed a nationwide vote on constitutional changes which would allow him to extend his rule because of the worsening ongoing situation with coronavirus.  Now Russia’s total number of cases has passed 600 with a record daily rise. In Russia according to official figures, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases is relatively low it’s in the hundreds compared with tens of thousands in Italy which is really surprising.

when you consider that Russia is a massive country but they are preparing for an influx of patients including here at the city’s main emergency hospital with a converted whole section to the battle against coronavirus well this is the Green Zone the safe zone to be in. It’s actually the cardiological departments of the hospital but because of the pandemic what they’ve done here is to repurpose one of the units for coronavirus patients what they say here is that they have all the facilities all the equipment they need to treat people.

So if we look over here this is where the patients who have suspected coronavirus are brought in as you can see everyone’s in protective gear it took them three days to set up this area and they’ve put in 80 beds here you can see some of the beds here and they’re all full the situation is serious but it is not to get this traffic situation why do you think the official figures are quite low in Russia for people with coronavirus.

China however this was a Wednesday morning there with bus services being resumed in Wuhan the city of course where this outbreak began they’ve had nine weeks of shutdown there now it’s still under tight control although some travel in and around the city is increasingly being allowed. From Beijing here at Beijing West train station it’s a highly symbolic day as travelers from Hubei arrived in the Chinese capital the province where this global emergency started has lifted its lockdown and people there are now able to travel to other parts of the country.

Now as you look around here you can see all these buses have been parked to receive passengers as they come in that’s because you still have to do quarantine when you get into Beijing that might seem like a hassle but for these people who’ve been cooped up for months it’s another step towards normality a couple of weeks of quarantine then they can go back to work here. There’s been a lot of debate about the figures here and whether or not the official count can be trusted in terms of how many people are actually infected in China what is it feeling that the national government wouldn’t be allowing travelers to arrive here in Beijing where they live unless they felt that this emergency was pretty much under control.

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