Netflix has announced that it has now enabled Android users to share their favourite movies and TV shows to their Instagram Stories. The new experience is live through the Netflix app for Android. You need to have the latest Netflix app on your Android device to start sharing your movies and TV shows. Notably, Netflix initially brought the Instagram Stories integration to its iPhone app back in January this year. The purpose of the fresh development is to make sharing of movies and shows through Netflix easier.

To begin with the new experience, you just need to open your favourite movie or TV show on the Netflixapp and then tap the Share button. The app will show you a list of platforms through which you share your content. From there, you need to pick the Instagram Stories option. This enables you to share the cover art of your favourite movie or TV show as an Instagram Story.

Once you’ve selected the Instagram Stories option, the Netflix app will take you directly to the Instagram app available on your Android device to let you personalise the cover art of your chosen content. After that, the stage is free for you to showcase your choice to all your Instagram followers, close friends, or specific Instagram users.

The Instagram Story shared through the Netflix app will remain visible for 24 hours and a ‘Watch on Netflix’ link back to the title page within the Netflix app will also be available.

We were able to confirm that the Instagram Stories option is available on the Netflix for Android version 7.9.0 build 21 34223. However, the experience is apparently rolling out through a server-side update.

“You can share the Netflix shows and films you’re in love with directly from the Netflix app to your followers. Pop in a quiz for your friends to guess your favourite characters from a show, or a GIF to reflect your mood after a movie,” the company said in a press note.

As we mentioned, Netflix brought the Instagram Stories integration to its iPhone app back in January. The experience for Android users is similar to what was provided to the iPhone audience initially.

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