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The new Maruti XL6 has been launched and it is priced from Rs 9.8 lakh to Rs 11.46 lakh (ex-showroom, India). It is based on the Ertiga but is a more premium MPV and will only be sold via the NEXA chain of dealerships.

Maruti Suzuki has launched the premium iteration of the Ertiga called the XL6 at prices ranging from Rs 9.8 lakh to Rs 11.46 lakh (ex-showroom India). The petrol-only MPV is Rs 70,000 more expensive than the corresponding variant of the Ertiga. That said, it offers various premium bits, including the option of an automatic transmission, right from the entry-level variant. So which of the two MPVs makes sense for you? Let’s find out.

The latest addition to the Maruti Nexa range is the XL6, a 6-seater offering based on the Ertiga MPV. It is a premium alternative in the MPV segment wherein it would rival not only its donor model, the Ertiga, but also the Renault Lodgy and Mahindra Marazzo.

Maruti’s XL6 is powered by the 1.5-litre petrol with mild hybrid technology only and it is BS6 compliant as well. Apart from the Ertiga, all its rivals are offered with diesel engines only. Let’s see how the prices compare in both cases:


Maruti XL6 Maruti Ertiga
L – Rs 7.55 lakh
V – Rs 8.27 lakh
Z – Rs 9.10 lakh
V AT – Rs 9.29 lakh
Zeta – Rs 9.8 lakh Z+ – Rs 9.61 lakh
Alpha – Rs 10.36 lakh Z AT – Rs 10.06 lakh
Zeta AT- Rs 10.9 lakh
Alpha AT – Rs 11.46 lakh

These two cars use the exact same petrol engine. The difference in price is the cost of the premium experience within the MPV segment.

  • The XL6 starts right after the top-spec manual-only Z+ variant of the Ertiga in terms of pricing
  • The top-spec XL6 is priced around 30k premium compared to the top-spec Z automatic variant of the Ertiga
  • There’s no true top-spec, fully loaded automatic variant of the Ertiga unlike the XL6.

Petrol vs Diesel

Maruti XL6 Maruti Ertiga Renault Lodgy Mahindra Marazzo
STD – Rs 8.63 lakh
Zeta – Rs 9.8 lakh V – Rs 9.87 lakh RXE – Rs 9.64 lakh
Alpha – Rs 10.36 lakh Z – Rs 10.7 lakh RXL – Rs 10.54 lakh M2 – Rs 10.35 lakh
Zeta AT- Rs 10.9 lakh
Alpha AT – Rs 11.46 lakh Z+ – Rs 11.21 lakh RXZ – Rs 11.3 lakh M4(7-seater/8-seater) – Rs 11.56 lakh/ Rs 11.65 lakh
RXZ (110PS) – Rs 12.12 lakh
M6(7-seater/8-seater) – Rs 13.09 lakh/ Rs 13.17 lakh
M8(7-seater/8-seater) – Rs 14.68 lakh/ Rs 14.77 lakh

The Maruti XL6 is only available with a petrol engine but all its competitors come with diesel engines. The increased price of the premium offering bridges the gap with some of the pricier rivals.

  • The XL6 actually has a lower starting price than a diesel-powered Ertiga while having more to offer in terms of features.
  • At the top-end, with the added convenience of an automatic transmission, the top-spec XL6 is not that much pricier than a top-spec Ertiga with the 1.5-litre diesel engine.
  • The Renault Lodgy also uses a 1.5-litre diesel but its entry-spec variant is more affordable than the XL6.
  • However, the top-spec Renault Lodgy is pricier than the petrol-AT top-spec variant of the Maruti XL6 while having fewer comforts on offer.
  • Maruti now has a competitor to the bigger Mahindra Marazzo with the XL6.
  • Its fully loaded Alpha variant with the petrol-AT powertrain is still priced lower than the M4 variant which is just one above the entry-level spec of the Marazzo.
  • Renault also offers the Lodgy with a choice of 7-seater or 8-seater layouts but unlike the Marazzo there is no difference in price for the same variant.
  • Meanwhile, the XL6 with fewer seats but more comfort boasts of an attractive price.

The Marazzo does offer more for your money in terms of size, space and performance but we’re not convinced it packs as much value for its premium over the XL6. Stay tuned for our detailed comparison. Meanwhile, the current Renault Lodgy even with its captain seats is more of a rival to the regular Ertiga diesel.

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