E-commerce companies are focusing on small cities

E-commerce companies are placing big bets on smaller cities to accelerate their growth. They are focusing on increasing their workforce in these cities to take advantage of the large consumer base of these cities. Experts have expressed this opinion. He says that these companies are expected to increase up to 15% in appointments in small cities.

Increasing the number of employees –

In order to meet the growing demand of consumers, e-commerce companies are making their warehouses in small towns and increasing the number of employees in these cities. The head of TeamLease Services (Digital and Information Technology) Mayur Saraswat said, “Tier 2 and Diwali sales were 40 percent in Diwali sales last year. This is a great change and is indicative of the focus of e-commerce companies on warehouses, logistics, and remote connectivity. The job market in these cities is increasing and it will see a growth of 15 percent. ‘

Increased competitiveness in metro cities –

Saraswat said that competition in metro cities is reaching such a level, where growth is beginning to stabilize. In such a situation, companies are looking for new markets and small cities are natural options for them in this direction. Shashi Kumar, managing director of Indeed India, said that according to his data, some of the leading companies in the country are looking for talent in second and third-grade cities. Are hiring them.

Small city the future center of retail business –

Experts believe that smaller cities are the future centers of retail business growth. Land in these cities is available at a cheaper rate, rent is less and customers are also ready for a new experience with new stores.

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