Priyanka Sharma was arrested for sharing the photograph of Mamta Banerjee.
Priyanka told the arrest of the freedom of expression of freedom
new Delhi. The Supreme Court has ordered the release of Priyanka Sharma, who has made a mark of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s photograph and released it on bail. However, the court had earlier said that Priyanka would have to apologize in writing, but later, amending her order and ordering her to be released immediately. The BJP leader was arrested and sent to judicial custody.

The lawyer opposed the decision on conditional remission
Priyanka’s lawyer opposed the conditional bail. They said that this would lead to the freedom of expression. He cited the BJP leaders to make funny posts too. On this, the Supreme Court said that freedom of speech is only till it has no problem with anyone. The accused is not an ordinary person, he is a political worker. Later, the court revised its decision and removed the condition of apology.


Priyanka was in jail for four days

Priyanka shared a photo-snapped picture of Mamta. In it, Mamta was shown as Priyanka Chopra’s Mate Galaa. There was a sharp reaction from the Trinamool activists and leaders about this picture. Sharma was arrested and sent to 14-days judicial custody. He was sent to jail on May 10.

Campaign on social media in support of Priyanka
On social media, the #IsspublicCharama Campaign is running in support of Priyanka. Users are making Mamma’s Mim as its DP. Assam BJP BJP leader Hemant Biswas Sarma told the arrest of the BJP youth leader in the absence of freedom of expression.

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