Dropshipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer (that typically sells in small quantities to the general public)does not keep goods in stock receives a single large order for a product. The retailer may arrange for the goods to be shipped directly to the customer from the manufacturer or distributor. Dropshipping is common with expensive products.

The seller profits from the difference between the sales of the product and the wholesale price, minus any selling, merchant, or shipping fees. Nowadays dropshipping became a popular business to start.

In social media also many videos and posts are shared which states that dropshipping is a profitable business.  As while viewing youtube videos we see the advertisement of different channels saying that I am making a profit from drop shipping you can also make profits come and join our course we will teach you how to start dropshipping and make a profit. If you are not interested in the course then we will set up an online store for you.

So viewing the advertisement some viewers take decisions to start dropshipping. Some enroll in a course and some set up their online store. But after a few days, they see they are not making a profit.

Before taking the decision for starting a dropshipping business a few things to keep in mind –

Interest – If you are starting a business because you have heard that there is so much money in dropshipping from social media posts and videos. So first, see that you have an interest in online selling product.

Fund – If you are doing the job and interested in starting the dropshipping business, then don’t quit the job and start a dropshipping business. You can start it part-time. If you are running the business then with your business you should start a dropshipping business. When you start a dropshipping you should focus on your own business and do dropshipping part-time. You need fund to invest in dropshipping and your personal expenses, so you can do this with doing your job or your business. If you are planning to quit the job or business and start a dropshipping business full time. Then you should have sufficient fund to survive till you are making profit consistently. Otherwise, don’t think of quitting the job or business and starting dropshipping full time.

Mentor – You should search for the right mentor who can guide in starting a profitable dropshipping business.

Fraud – There are many people who are running an advertisement on facebook or google saying that they will teach you dropshipping or set up an online store. So be aware of taking the services from a genuine company. Because there are many people who are running an advertisement but not providing proper services.

Setup – You can use Shopify to set up your online store for which you have to pay.  If you are using WordPress then you can use woo-commerce. Shopify is easy to set up than woo-commerce.

Patience – If you are thinking to start a dropshipping business you have to keep patience. When you are selecting the product from aliexpress.com you have to do the research and select the best product. There are many products in aliexpress.com which are of poor quality but in the picture, it looks of premium quality. So you have to do research thoroughly and select the best product for your online store. You have to work hard, run the proper advertisement and give better service to the customer which can make them delight. Then only you can run a successful dropshipping online store.


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