How To Start A Blog for Free - Make Money Online

Start a blog in 2021

If you are thinking to start a new blog for free and want to make money online. Then this blog is for you. You can start a blog full-time or part-time.

Your decision of starting a blog is the first step to your success. There are many successful bloggers who are earning a good income from their blogs.

If you work in a proper way then you can also become one of them. You can share your experience and review the product or service.

By helping people by providing a solution to their problems you can become an influencer. You can make passive income through the blog and live life like a boss.

Starting a blog is not very difficult. But confusion is about which platform to choose. You may be having a hard time deciding which platform you should use Blogger or WordPress. Both are great options.

Most people are not able to decide which is the best platform to start blogging for them. Especially beginners who do not have experience in blogging. They select the wrong blogging platform and waste money or time.

If you do not have money to buy hosting and domain name then you can go with blogger. If you have an interest in writing a blog then a blogger is a good platform.

Blogger was originally created by Pyra Labs and was bought by Google in 2003. Since then, it has become a popular blogging platform, providing a quick and easy to use interface and free hosted blogging service to the masses.

Blogger is very quick and easy to set up. You can choose free templates from any of Blogger's free templates or purchase a third-party template.

Google takes care of all hosting, security, and site maintenance. It integrates bloggers with other Google features like Google Analytics and Google AdSense.

If you want to create an eCommerce store, directory site, or in fact any type of website other than a blog, Blogger is not for you. Only caters to blogs.

All Blogger sites are hosted by Google, so unless you export your site to another platform you will never really own it. Blogger provides limited features that may not be sufficient for a thriving blog. There are minimal customization options, but it is ok for the blog.

Beginners or person who have an interest in blogging and wants to do it part-time. But not have money to buy hosting then they can choose 'Blogger'. They can make a subdomain in

Blogger is free to use but in this you not have ownership. The server is owned by Google and they can close your website at any time. You can also integrate your domain name with a blogger. You should take a backup of your website linked to the blogger.

So if your account is closed in blogger then you can choose another hosting. You can create a website with the same domain name and upload the content which you had taken as a backup.

Many people are using for creating a subdomain in it. If their account is closed they lose their backlinks. But if they are using a custom domain then their backlinks and domain authority are saved.

Choosing the blogging platform depends on your budget. How much you want to spend on your website. If you can pay for hosting you can go for WordPress.

WordPress is also the best blogging platform. If you opt for WordPress you will need to find a hosting provider to host your website. There are numerous hosting services available and you will need to do your research to find out which is best for your site.

Hosting providers vary greatly in price, so whatever your budget you will be able to find a plan that works for you. To get you started, in WordPress hosting just jump right into our recommendations for the best WordPress hosting options.

WordPress gives ownership of your website. Unlimited customization options are available and you are able to create any type of website, not just a blog. In this, you can choose from thousands of WordPress themes and plugins.

For making a blog website you have to purchase hosting and after that, you can install WordPress which takes five minutes. Then you can install the theme.

Free WordPress themes are available so that you can customize and create a website. Now you can write a blog. All features are not available in the free theme. To use all features you have to buy a premium theme. You can buy Elementor pro to give professional look.

Different types of plugins and Seo tools like Yoast, All in One Seo, Semrush, Moz, Ahrefs, CDN, robots.txt generator, website SEO checker, Google trends, Google search console, Google keyword planner, Google analytics, page speed checker are available. Some are free and for some, you have to again pay money.

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