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If you are changing jobs frequently, you will not get a personal loan

People usually take personal loans when they need money.  But getting this loan is also not easy.  Banks or non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) take into consideration many things about an applicant before lending to any person.  If none of these are correct then your application may be rejected.  We are telling you about 5 such things on which your loan approval depends. CIBIL score must be good CIBIL score shows the credit history of a person.  In the case of personal loans, the banks definitely check the applicant's CIBIL score.  The credit score is determined by several specific credit profiling companies.  In this, it is seen that you have taken a loan before or have used credit card etc.  The credit score of any person is reflected in the repayment history, the ratio of credit usage, the timely payment of existing loans and bills.  This score is in the range of 300-900, but the score of 700 or more is considered by the lenders to be good. Do not apply too much. Personal l