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Best and the number one Indian web hosting service provider in 2021 depending upon their performance, good uptime, best customer service, and value for money service is Hosting Raja.

Hosting Raja is the cheap and best web hosting service provider in India. They understand that small businesses need a low-cost plan, that's why they have affordable price web hosting service for customers in India. Also, they have lit up 1 million small businesses in India. They are one of the best hosting service providers in India.

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Hosting Raja the best web hosting service provider that gives free SSL, free domain, 1-click WordPress install, and good customer service.
Hosting Raja Shared hosting plans start at Rs. 204/- per month.

This price is applicable if you taking hosting for 60 months.
If you are looking for affordable and basic, shared hosting then this is useful for you. This shared hosting is used by beginners and small businesses.

The Popular Basic Shared Hosting Plan provides -
  • FREE Domain
  • CPanel + Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Web Space SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth + Emails
  • Unlimited Domains + FTP
  • Malware & Virus Clean
  • Drag & Drop Site Builder
  • High Priority Support

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Hosting Raja. Click here to choose your hosting plan today.

This company provides different plans for different customers. They have cheap, budget, and premium plans. So customers can choose a plan which is matching their price.

They offer web hosting services with shared and VPS plans, a free website builder, and an easy-to-use custom control panel.
You can also install WordPress with one click.

Their plans are great value for money and best for beginners and small businesses.

If you switch from shared hosting to cloud hosting from the Hosting Raja website then you could notice the considerable change in website loading speed and traffic increase. That can help you to grow your business.

What is Cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is built on cloud technology that is designed to accommodate all aspects of hosting your website. It is noted for its reliability, scalability, and flexibility which makes it ideal for businesses and websites that need to maintain fast load times, during sudden traffic spikes from sales or promotions.

Cloud servers are a technologically advanced medium employing cloud computation for effective web hosting. In a cloud server, multiple physical servers are connected. This interconnected network forms a virtual platform called the cloud. It is the formation of this cloud that makes effective hosting possible.

A cloud deployment model is mainly defined by where the structure of the deployment is located. It also takes into consideration who has the rights to keep the deployment models. Depending on who poses the model and where the infrastructure is located, the cloud deployment model is determined.

When it comes to cloud deployment models, there are different types. All the different models still employ the same mechanism to function. Where it differs is their features and what they offer specifically. 
These attributes include storage space, accessibility, and much more. It depends on your specific industrial and organizational needs, which cloud deployment model will suit you best. Let us briefly look at these different cloud models.

1. Public Model

This type of model is among the most affordable cloud deployment models. It is different from others in the location of its infrastructure. The public cloud's infrastructure doesn't take up much external space. It is located within the compounds of the cloud service providers. There will be multiple clients that are making use of the resources from a public cloud model. As a user, you only have to pay for how many resources you use.

2. Private Model

This model closely resembles a dedicated server hosting plan. Just like in a dedicated server, all the resources and space of this cloud model is solely for a single user. Only one user's or business's website will be supported by a cloud server. This can be more expensive compared to a public cloud model since there are no other clients to share the expenses.

3. Hybrid Model

As the name suggests, this model is formed with a combination of two other different models. The hybrid model is a mix of both private and public models. Users of this type can make use of both a private and a public cloud according to their needs. In certain scenarios where a public cloud might benefit you more, you can make a switch to a public cloud and vice versa.

4. Community model

A community model is inspired by a regular human community. Like how people who share the same views and have the same goals form a community and live together. A community cloud is used by different users who have the same objectives and require the same features. You need to first identify these common traits and attributes different users have and then a community model can be designed.

When you want to choose the type of cloud computing model you wish to employ, there are many different factors to keep in mind. After learning about how each of these models are designed differently, you must have gotten some idea about which model you wish to proceed with.

Unlike other web hosting platforms, cloud hosting is most suitable for industries and organizations rather than a single individual. Cloud computing offers a wide range of options when it comes to the cloud requirements of a company.
Your organization first needs to carefully determine why they wish to make use of cloud computation technology. Once you have a clear objective on what you wish to achieve, you will be able to outline what your cloud deployment model must look like. 

Also, take into consideration the cost and budget your organization is allotting to this aspect. Lastly research various cloud service providers before you begin. You want to make sure that the cloud host you end up choosing has a good reputation for its services.
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