ITMS Control Room Daksh Operating Traffic System in Raipur Chhattisgarh


ITMS control room Daksh inaugurated on 6th March 2019  by Raipur Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. Traffic system of the city started operating with the computer. ITMS control room Daksh hall screen is 48 ft long and 27 ft wide which shows traffic of the city. 57 small and big crossroads are 24 hrs online on the screen. Which place is crowded is shown on the screen.

Signals are controlled by Daksh control room. Cameras are installed on crossroads with the announcement system. This helps the people to choose the right way at the time of the traffic jam. The signal is connected from the control room, So when announced voice resonates around crossroad. In the city, Emergency Call Box is installed in 20 main crossroads which have a panic button.

After pressing the panic button by person face of person will get displayed in the computer screen of Daksh control room, location and condition will also be displayed. After getting information about problem ITMS staff will give information to the police station near the location or 112 teams. This help will be provided in a few seconds.

Many times at the time of an emergency person is unable to call or network is not available or many people who not carry the mobile, such people can take help pressing a panic button. In this, there is no problem with the network. At night this is more beneficial when the road is vacant and no one is there for help. This system is available in a few cities only. Now it is launched in our city.

Surveillance and Wi-Fi facility

People can use free internet facility in the city. High tech traffic signal, camera and wi-fi machine is installed. These machines are in multiple towers. A person standing 700 meters in a range of tower can use the internet. Free Wi-Fi facility is available at Marine drive, Collectorate garden, Anupam garden, Teg Bahadur garden, SRP chowk, and other locations. In city 20 locations are there where the multi-tower is placed. In this tower, there are many facilities.

Many types of equipment are fitted in this tower which shows pollution, temperature, and speed of the wind. Control button of all signal will be in this only. From control room signal is changed into green or red and street lights are on or off will also be known. 70 computer systems are installed. In a shift more than 18 police works.

In ITMS such signals are installed which are green till all vehicles not cross, so the timer is not fitted in a signal. The sensor fitted in the signal works up to 600 meters. Once the signal becomes green and the vehicle coming in 600-meter range signal will not get red till the last vehicle cross the signal.

ITMS Intelligent Traffic Management System is divided into 8 verticals

  1. City surveillance – In city 372 cameras are installed at 80 places for tracking traffic.
  2. ANPR Automatic Number Plate Reader – In this system, the number plate is tracked and the person driving the vehicle their timing, location, vehicle owner information and places visited by the vehicle.
  3. RIVD Red Light Violation Detection – In this person going in wrong way, speed and jumping the red light is tracked.
  4. PA System Public Address System – PA System is an electronic system comprising of loudspeakers, amplifiers, and microphones used for the announcement.
  5. ECB Emergency Call Box – This box have panic button pressing the button control room gets information and help are provided. This is for women protection and emergency.
  6. Smart Poll – This is place in 20 locations in the city having charging point, free Wi-Fi and sensor which gives information about the environment.
  7. ATCS Automatic Traffic Control System – VAC Vehicle Adaptive Control mode signal becomes green or red by the sensor in the signal.
  8. Smart Light and Dustbin management – In this street light are on/off and underground dustbin is controlled by Daksh control room.


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